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While we make all attempts to resolve matters without going to court, there are times where court intervention is unavoidable. Some examples of this include if your ex-spouse:

  • Unilaterally transferred significant assets or funds out of their or your joint names or is likely to do so.
  • Is not letting you spend appropriate time with the children despite your reasonable requests to do so.
  • Threatened to move the children to another city or country without your consent.
  • Has stopped paying the mortgage and there is a risk that the bank will foreclose on your property.
  • Is burying their head in the sand and not willing to resolve matters.
  • Has unreasonable demands and is refusing to negotiate in good faith.
  • Is running up large debts.

You may already be in court and would like a second opinion or someone else to take over your case. Once you have met with us for an initial meeting, if you decide to engage us, we can obtain a copy of your file from your previous lawyer and take over the running of the matter immediately.

We are experienced advocates in the Federal Circuit Court, Family Court, and the Magistrates Court. We will design an application that advances your interests and we will help you tell your story. Judges are human and each have their own preferences. Our experienced lawyers will advise you of the best way to advance your case before each Judge.

We understand the prospect of Court can weigh heavy on our client’s shoulders. We’re here to help you carry the load.

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