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Initial Consultation

This is what you can expect when you first meet with us:

  • We’ll listen to you and get an understanding of your situation.
  • We’ll ask you targeted questions to give us a better insight into your situation.
  • We’ll provide you with advice about your rights and obligations.
  • We’ll advise you of your options and the advantages and disadvantages of each option.
  • We’ll help you identify hidden pitfalls. For example, whether your desired agreement is enforceable, whether the proposed terms may attract negative tax consequences, and whether there is a deadline by which an agreement must be completed.
  • We’ll answer any concerns or questions you may have.
  • We’ll give you cost estimates.

If you are able to give us the information we need during the initial consultation, we will advise you of:

  • What a Court is likely to consider a “just and equitable” property settlement and what to do to increase the prospects of resolving your matter without having to go to Court.
  • How to obtain information from your spouse, their employer, their accountant, their bank or their super fund about your spouse’s income or asset position.
  • Whether you may be assessed for tax or stamp duty in the process of dividing your assets.
  • How to document any agreement you reach with your spouse so that you have a legally-binding and enforceable agreement.

If you have further questions about our initial consultation, or would like to book one, please contact us.

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